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Greenhouse Montessori School welcomes all children regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin who aje 2 1/2 years old through kindergarten age. Admission is based on space-availability and agreement by staff and parents that the child is ready and will benefit from the classroom experience. One of our criteria for readiness is that the child is able to use the toilet independently. Admission shall not normally be granted on a short-term temporary basis.

Parents wishing to enroll their child should complete the following:

  1. Parent(s) observe a class in progress. This first visit is for parents only. The observation helps them to decide if this program is what they desire for their child. We find that observing helps answer some questions and may also bring up additional questions that can be addressed at this time.
  2. Parents complete an application and return it with an application fee of $35.00, which will guarantee placement either in a class or on our waiting list. If all classroom spaces are filled, prospective students are placed on a waiting list, and parents will be notified when space becomes available.
  3. If space is available, the child is placed in a class. Before the child's first day of school a time is arranged for the parent(s) and child to visit the school together and meet with a director. This meeting gives the parent(s) a chance to communicate to their child their approval of the program and staff so that the child becomes comfortable in the school. This meeting gives the director the opportunity to check for developmental readiness, especially for children under age three. During the meeting we make a point of demonstrating some of the classroom materials to the child, letting him try them, introducing the child to his teacher, and giving the parent(s) the registration forms.
  4. The child may begin attending upon receipt of all registration forms, including immunization records.


Immunization Requirements: The State of California requires all children entering preschool to be current with their immunizations. The requirements for children by 18 months of age are as follows: 3 Polio, 4 DTP/DTap/DT, 3 Hepatitis B, 1 Varicella, 1 MMR (must be given on or after child's first birthday), and 1 Hib. Written proof of immunizations must be provided to the school by the child's first day in class. In addition, a medical report stating the child's good health must be signed by a physician. On this report the physician must also indicate the results of a T.B. test given within a year of enrollment in our school.


Greenhouse Montessori School is open twelve months a year. We offer a school year program from September through June and a summer program during July and August.

Our school year begins the first week in September and continues through June. The school is closed for national holidays, for a two-week winter break and for one week in spring (as per the V.U.S.D. calendar). We assume that all children are enrolled through the full ten-month school year, and tuition is based upon this commitment. Partial-year enrollments are prorated on the percentage of the school year attended. A summer program is provided in July and August and is open to established and to new students. Separate registration takes place in the spring.

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