Greenhouse Montessori School
4143 South Dans Street, Visalia, California 93277
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About Us

The Story of Greenhouse Montessori School:
Greenhouse Montessori School first opened its doors in 1982 led by owner/directors Anne Hoffman and Nina Clancy.
Greenhouse caters to the needs of preschool and Kindergarten students, ages 2 1/2 to 6. The Montessori method of education provides the most effective and fulfilling way to guide a child through his early years, a critical period for learning and setting patterns which will last a lifetime.
Our goals are to provide a Montessori enrichment program in a non-institutional environment for children requiring full or part-time child care.
All lead teachers have completed a Montessori teacher certification program.
Before and after school childcare is available for enrolled students.
The Students of Greenhouse Montessori School:
If your child is ready for new experiences, challenges, and friends, your child is ready to benefit and grow in the Montessori classroom. Montessori education is right for children of any age.
Academic readiness is peripheral. Children at Greenhouse respond to the richness of the Montessori environment and curriculum, which is tailored and presented to each child at his own level. Our program is designed to promote and encourage the social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of the child.
"Childhood happens only once. A Montessori education ensures that your child will make the best of his or hers."

Greenhouse Montessori School Staff

Our staff is hired on the basis of the candidate's Montessori and Early Childhood training, experience, professional attitude, academic competence, and warmth and understanding of children. Each class has a maximum of 24 students and is staffed by a lead teacher and an assistant teacher. All lead teachers have completed a Montessori teacher certification program and many assistants have Montessori training.

Nina Clancy: Owner/Director founded Greenhouse Montessori School with partner Anne Hoffman in 1982.
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Classroom 1

Mary C. joined the Greenhouse Montessori School family in 1985. Mary loves Montessori because it teaches children compassion and self-esteem.

Mary studied Early Childhood Development at College of the Sequoias and Sacramento Junior College. Mary has two Montessori-educated children and three grandchildren, two of which have attended Greenhouse. Aside from spending time with her family, Mary enjoys reading and biking.

Irene G. loves to see the wonder and excitement of the children when a new work is added to the shelf or part of a work is changed to make it more challenging. Irene has been a fixture at Greenhouse since 1986.

Irene attended Reedley College and College of the Sequoias with a major in Early Childhood Development. She has three children and four grandchildren. Irene enjoys spending time with her husband and family, gardening, and reading about health and wellness.

Mickey started teaching at Greenhouse Montessori School in 1989. Greenhouse gives Mickey a sense of peace when she comes each day. That peaceful, empowering feeling comes from the high level of strong leadership at Greenhouse that children, parents, and staff can count on, and the brilliance of Montessori education.

Mickey was attending College of the Sequoias and working on her teaching credential when she decided to take Montessori training. Mickey likes embroidery, knitting, reading, and spending time with her family.

Classroom 2
is impressed by the Montessori materials because they give the child a methodical and concrete experience before they are asked to do something abstract, like count out loud. Maria loves to observe children becoming more independent as they work in her classroom. She has been at Greenhouse since 1995 and continues to be excited about learning.

Maria enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, Oliver and Thumper.

Irene A. has enjoyed working with preschool and Kindergarten children at Greenhouse Montessori School since 2006. Irene received her Montessori teacher training in 2013 at Montessori World Educational Institute will serve as an intern in 2013-14 to work on her Montessori teacher certification.

She loves Montessori because of the philosophy of how to treat children. She appreciates giving children the chance to express themselves and be independent as they figure things out on their own. Because the cultural curriculum shifts and changes, she is also always glad to learn along with the children when a new interest arises.

Classroom 3

Kristin has a love for Montessori because it allows her to watch the children explore, touch, and learn without fear at their own pace. She enjoys watching them grow socially, academically and independently. She has been a part of Greenhouse since 2001.

Kristin grew up in Visalia. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Fresno Pacific University. She also has her Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Certification from Montessori World Educational Institute. She is currently working on her California teaching credential. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and reading.

Mary P. joined Greenhouse Montessori School in 2002. Mary loves Montessori because children learn using hands-on tools and are able to work at their own pace. She is a native of Visalia and has three children. Mary loves to spend time with her family and two dogs, Daisy and Sam. Her family also enjoys their newest addition, Fred the cockatiel, which they adopted from Greenhouse.

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Classroom 4- Kindergarten

Anne & Nina alternate years in the mornings.

Nicole has a Montessori education that has come full-circle now that she has participated at Greenhouse Montessori School as both a student and a teacher. “I like the Montessori method because it teaches independence and is student-driven,” she said.

Nicole earned her BA in Dairy Science in 2004 at California Polytechnic University and her CA teaching credential at Fresno State. She did her Montessori teacher training in 2013 at Montessori World Educational Institute and plans to complete her certification and internship in 2014. Her education will help her to use the Montessori philosophy and curriculum to facilitate learning that students at Greenhouse can use throughout their lives, just like her Greenhouse education did for her.

Kim began her teaching career at Greenhouse Montessori School in 2011. She thinks preschool and Kindergarten students are at a fun age and that they like to engage in what they are learning. Preparation for life tasks and problem-solving are what Kim admires most about Montessori-educated students. She also knows how valuable freedom of movement in the classroom is to children.

Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Fresno Pacific University. She enjoys scrapbooking, which comes in handy when making materials for the classroom.

Classroom 5

Malinda began teaching at Greenhouse Montessori School in 2005, satisfying a lifelong desire to teach. Though she has been working in preschool classrooms since high school, her first true love in teaching is Montessori. Malinda is drawn to the peaceful atmosphere and the engaged independence of the children who collaborate and learn with older and younger peers. Malinda is grateful for the opportunity to be a head teacher and work with Suzanne in the classroom.

Malinda enjoys spending time with her family and preparing her classroom.

Treva is inspired by how Montessori-educated children are encouraged to reach their full potential as individuals as well as a part of the community. She hopes to instill in each child a lifetime love of learning through the joy of discovery.

Treva is an American Montessori Society (AMS)-certified Early Childhood teacher (ages 2-6) from Montessori Western Teacher Training Institute. She taught at Greenhouse Montessori School from 1983-2002. She holds an M.S. in Counseling; with an emphasis on Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy, and a B.S. in Social Science. She was Site Supervisor of a Tulare County Child Development Center for over seven years. She is thrilled to return to Greenhouse after 10 years away.

Suzanne has brought beauty and peace to the classrooms at Greenhouse Montessori School since 1993. When she first observed in a Montessori environment, she knew it was a perfect fit for her because of the sense of order and beauty contained within. Suzanne is also drawn to the way that Montessori teachers respect and speak to children.

Suzanne grew up in San Jose and now lives in Visalia with her family close by. She enjoys gardening and recently attended her first American Montessori Society conference. She plans to continue learning with other Montessorians at future conferences.

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